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’Csicsergő’ Kindergarten


Our kindergarten has operated in a housing estate in the north of Budapest since 1985 run by the local government. We educate 140 children in seven groups of mixed ages. The quarter of them are socially disadvantaged children. Some struggle with learning and adaption difficulties. At our kindergarten we also carry out an integrated education of small children who are physically, mentally handicapped and have speech disorders.

It is our essential task to carry out the education of living nature, develop motion and their native language. It is our goal that the children move a lot, communicate and learn about nature.

  • We take out the children into nature and bring nature into the group-rooms and the courtyard. We do gardening, look after animals and protect the environment.
  • Everyday we organize games with exercise. In our health development program we include activities in a swimming pool, and provide for salt therapy and health-conscious diets.
  • The kindergarten teachers tell tales, poems along with the children and play language games. We pay a high attention to the bilingual children from immigrant families.

In our equal opportunity program, we provide the conditions of outings, courses and talent-development programs for the socially disadvantaged children.

To carry this out, we do our best to apply for projects and use the financial aid paid to our Fund.